INTEGRITY INDUSTRIES, INC., is managed and operated by a team of experienced professionals dedicated to the production of efficient and effective chemical systems.  Headquartered in Kingsville, Texas, the company is a manufacturer of high quality specialty chemical products. INTEGRITY distributes its products through qualified retailers via a network of stockpoints throughout Texas and Louisiana and export throughout the world.  INTEGRITY maintains an extensive research and development program endeavoring to provide new technologies as well as maintain stringent quality control on existing products.  The most valuable asset of INTEGRITY is its people. These employees are proud of the line of products and their company’s reputation. They constantly strive to further the excellence that made the company’s success possible.



INTEGRITY INDUSTRIES, INC. manufactures a variety of drilling fluid products and oilfield specialty chemicals. The most prominent of these is our invert emulsion systems, both oil based and synthetic based. These field proven, highly advanced systems are produced in state of the art mixing facilities strategically located on the Texas/Louisiana Gulf Coast. Also produced are environmentally safe spotting fluids, which are available in dry, liquid concentrate, or ready to use forms. Workover and completion products such as liquid polymers, corrosion inhibitors, oxygen scavengers and defoamers to name a few are also manufactured in our drilling fluid line. Extensive research has gone into the development of some very unique products, such as liquid suspensions, well clean up systems, and other specialty chemicals, which has allowed INTEGRITY INDUSTRIES, INC. to remain at the leading front of technology in the oilfield.



A wide variety of other chemicals for industrial applications are produced by INTEGRITY INDUSTRIES, INC. These include soil remediation and bioremediation products. Detergents, surfactants and cleaners are included in this group of highly efficient formulations.



The versatility of our facilities and personnel allows INTEGRITY INDUSTRIES, INC. to offer custom blending and packaging services to other businesses. All of the products produced by INTEGRITY are available under our customers’ private label. Companies who provide their own formulations for custom blending appreciate the care and secrecy with which their products are handled.



Realizing that the oilfield often operates in Environmentally Sensitive areas,  INTEGRITY INDUSTRIES, INC. formulates standard oilfield chemicals that are safe to the environment,  These products are all non-toxic, non-polluting, non-hazardous, biodegradable, and will not form a sheen in water. Bioessay and sheen tests are available at customer request.



Synthetic based mud

Oil based mud

Spotting fluids


Wetting agents

Liquid Polymers

Oxygen Scavengers


Corrosion Inhibitors

Mud Lubricants

Rig Washes

Well Washes

Oil dispersants

H2S Scavenger


Soap Sticks

Loss Circulation Materials

Shale Stabilizers


Drilling Detergents

Liquid Polymer Dispersions

Gumbo Busters

Bit Coatings

Brine De-arming Additives

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