INTEGRITY INDUSTRIES, INC. has developed a line of products that have been specifically formulated to enhance drilling performance. These include lubricants, gumbo busters, special drilling detergents, and many that come under the heading of ROP Enhancers. Some have been formulated to handle a specific problem for a specific part of the world. For instance, our lubricant ULTRA LUBE II D, was formulated for the Austin Chalk area and has been used successfully in over 2,000 wells.  No other lubricant has made such an impact on drilling performance than has ULTRA LUBE II D. Our Patented ULTRA LUBE was developed in a joint venture with Conoco as a ROP Enhancer for water base muds to give drilling rates similar to oil base muds in the hard formations of South Texas such as the Lobo Trend.


Each of the products in our LUBRICANTS/ROP ENHANCER line continues to undergo extensive testing to insure they meet not only performance requirements but also environmental regulations throughout the world.

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