In addition to the standard Water Base and Oil Base Mud additives, INTEGRITY INDUSTRIES, INC. has developed a very unique line of specialty chemicals designed to either solve or greatly reduce a specific need. In 1994, INTEGRITY INDUSTRIES, INC. formed an R & D Department designed to identify and focus on some of the industries most difficult problems. This unique approach has allowed us to develop a line of products that continue to be at the forefront of technology and has given The Company a technological advantage over its competitors. Some of the products are so unique they have been awarded Patents or have Patent Pending status. Some of these products have gained World Wide acceptance while others were developed for a specific region.


Whether your problem involves employee safety, improved drilling techniques, or innovative cleaning and disposal of oil mud cuttings, INTEGRITY INDUSTRIES, INC. has developed and will continue to develop, and solve, the toughest problems our industry has to offer.

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